Keynote Sessions

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October 3, 2017 (Tuesday) 10:30–13:20
Keynote Session


Room 1

Chairs: Vahram Hakobyan, Alexander Manzhirov, Artush Ghukasyan
10:30–11:00Lenser Aghalovyan

3D forced vibrations of plates and shells

11:00–11:30Irina Goryacheva

The models of friction of viscoelastic bodies under various interface conditions

11:30–11:50Coffee break
11:50–12:20Suren Mkhitaryan

On a class of problems on interaction of various type stress concentrators with an elastic semi-infinite plate

12:20–12:50 Michel Raous

A unified model for adhesive interfaces

12:50–13:20Holm Altenbach

Fundamentals of continuum mechanics - classical approaches and new trends

October 4, 2017 (Wednesday) 10:00–13:20
Keynote Sessions


Room 1

Chairs: Lenser Aghalovyan, Irina Goryacheva

Room 2

Chairs: Holm Altenbach, Ilya Kudish
10:00–10:30 Ara Avetisyan

Electroacoustic transducer of localized elastic waves

Ramachandran Velmurugan, Narinder Gupta

High strain rate studies of metallic materials

10:30–11:00 Vahram Hakobyan

The stress state of a piecewise uniform layered space with doubly periodic internal defects

Sergey Dobrokhotov

On the influence of the elastic bottom on the long linear water waves generated by a localized perturbation

11:00–11:30 Vladimir Kolesnikov, Pavel Ivanochkin

Formation of surface nanostructures on tribocontact for creating anti-friction layer with predetermined tribo-physical characteristics

Vladimir Nazaikinskii

Near-boundary asymptotics in the problem on the run-up of long waves on a shallow beach

11:30–11:50Coffee break
11:50–12:20 Alexander Skubachevskii

Elliptic differential difference equations in the theory of sandwich shells

Alexander Spector

Biomechanics of stem cells

12:20–12:50 Mezhlum Sumbatyan

On multiple crack identification by the ultrasonic scanning

Irina Kirillova

Biomechanics of compensatory mechanisms in spinal-pelvic complex

12:50–13:20 Avetik Sahakyan

Method of mechanical quadratures for solution of various type of singular integral equations

Vadim Silberschmidt

Mechanics of biomaterials

October 5, 2017 (Thursday) 10:00–11:30
Special Session in Honor of Prof. Manzhirov's Jubillee


Room 1

Chairs: Ara Avetisyan, Michel Raous
10:00–10:30Alexander Manzhirov

Some results in surface growth mechanics and its applications

10:30–11:00Ilya Kudish

Lubrication of line and point heavily loaded ehl contacts of elastic solids with functionally graded coatings

11:00–11:30Stephan Joubert

An analytical theory for a three-dimensional thick-disc thin-plate vibratory gyroscope