ParticipantsBrief Papers

Accepted Brief Papers

Presenter AuthorAuthorsPaper Title
1 Aghabekyan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Aghabekyan P.,
Aroyan E.
Contact problem for elastic semi-infinite plane with finite and semi-infinite stringers
2 Aghayan
Karo Lerents
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Aghayan K.L.,
Zaqaryan V.G.,
Musaelyan A.A.
Longitudinal shear of the composite elastic space with stress concentrators as a rigid inclusion and a crack
3Grigoryan E.Kh.,
Aghayan K.L.,
Baghdasaryan R.A.
Propagation of elastic waves in a half-space with an amplifying thin semi-infinite elastic layer
4 Amirbekyan
Arevik Norayr
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Amirbekyan A.,
Mkrtchyan M.,
Shekyan L.
On a class of contact problems for the bending of beams on an elastic base.
5 Amirjanyan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Sahakyan A.V.,
Amirjanyan A.A.
Method of mechanical quadratures for solution of various type of singular integral equations
6 Arutyunyan
Robert Ashotovich
(St. Petersburg, Russia)
Arutyunyan A.R.,
Arutyunyan R.A.
The condition of transition to the unstable state of metallic specimen in tension
7 Atoyan
Levon Harutiun
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Atoyan L.,
Terzyan S.
Reflection of shear elastic wave at the interface of a ferromagnetic half-space
8 Avakian
(Kassel, Germany)
Avakian A.,
Ricoeur A.
Modeling of multiferroic composites by means of phenomenologically or physically motivated constitutive models
9 Avetisyan
Ara Sergey
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Avetisyan A.S.Electroacoustic transducer of localized elastic waves
10 Avetisyan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Avetisyan V.V.Control of electromechanical system with one degree of freedom under joint constraints
11 Avetisyan
Hrair Robert
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Belubekyan E.V.,
Danielyan S.V.,
Avetisyan H.R.
Optimization of a Rectangular Plate Piecewise the Influense of Transverse Shear
12 Barkanov
(Riga, Latvia)
Barkanov E.,
Akishin P.,
Miazza N.L.,
Galvez S.,
Pantelelis N.
Experimental validation of thermo-chemical algorithm for a simulation of pultrusion processes
13 Barseghyan
Tigran V.
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Barseghyan V.R.,
Barseghyan T.V.
The Control Problem for a Linear System of Loaded Differential Equations
14 Belubekyan
Mels V.
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Belubekyan M.V.,
Martirosyan S.P.
The divergence of a compressible panel under a supersonic gas stream excavation on its free border
15 Borodin
Elijah Nikolaevich
(Ekaterinburg, Russia)
Borodin E.N.,
Gruzdkov A.A.,
Mayer A.E.,
Selyutina N.S.
Physical nature of strain rate sensitivity of metals and alloys at high strain rates
16 Buzyurkin
(Novosibirsk, Russia)
Buzyurkin A.E.,
Kraus E.I.,
Lukyanov Ya.L.
The fabrication of aluminum oxide compacts by explosive consolidation
17 Bychkov
Pavel Sergeevich
(Moscow, Russia)
Popov A.L.,
Bychkov P.S.,
Kozintsev V.M.,
Chentsov A.V.
Determination of residual stresses in objects at their additive manufacturing by layer-by-layer photopolymerization method
18 Chebakov
Mikhail Ivanovich
(Rostov on Don, Russia)
Chebakov M.I.,
Danilchenko S.A.,
Lyapin A.A.
Mathematical modeling of contact interaction of bodies with complex shape with allowance for wear.
19 Chentsov
Alexander V.
(Moscow, Russia)
Chentsov A.V.,
Lisovenko D.S.
Two-dimensional auxetic design for biodegradable stent
20 Dashtoyan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Hakobyan V.,
Dashtoyan L.
The Stress State of a Piecewise Uniform Layered Space with Doubly Periodic Internal Cracks
21 Davtyan
Zaven Azibek
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Davtyan Z.A.,
Mirzoyan S.,
Gasparyan A.
Lame Problem for a Multilayered Viscous and Elastic Hollow Ball with Consideration of Inhomogeneous Aging
22 Davtyan
Anush Volodya
(Goris, Armenia)
Martirosyan A.N.,
Davtyan A.V.,
Dinunts A.S.,
Martirosyan H.A.
The solution of one spatial problem on a geophysical crack healing in the thermoelastic medium in the fluid stream presence.
23 Dobrokhotov
Sergey Yu.
(Moscow, Russia)
Dobrokhotov S.Yu.,
Tolstova O.L.,
Vargas C.A.
On the influence of the elastic base on the linear long weak dispersive water waves created by the localized underground source
24 Evstifeev
Alexey Dmitrievich
(Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Evstifeev A.D.Investigation of strength characteristics of aluminum alloy under dynamic tension
25 Filippov
Artyom Alexandrovich
(Novosibirsk, Russia)
Filippov A.A.,
Fomin V.M.
Determination of the mechanical characteristics of nanomaterials under tension and compression
26 Fomin
Leonid Victorovich
(Moscow, Russia)
Lokoshchenko A.M.,
Fomin L.V.
Delayed fracture of plates under creep condition in unsteady complex stress state in the presence of ambient medium
27 Galichyan
Tigran Alexandr
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Galichyan T.A.,
Filippov D.A.,
Laletin V.M.,
Firsova T.O.,
Poddubnaya N.N.
Magneto-electric transition in nickel-gallium arsenide-nickel multiferroic structure
28Galichyan T.A.,
Filippov D.A.,
Tihonov A.A.,
Laletin V.M.,
Firsova T.O.,
Manicheva I.N.
Magnetoelectric effect in a sandwich structure of gallium arsenide-nickel-tin-nickel
29 Garakov
Vladimir Gerasim
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Berberyan A.Kh.,
Garakov V.G.
Reflection of electromagnetic wave from the border of the piezoelectric half-space cubic symmetry
30 Gevorgyan
Ruben Stepan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Gevorgyan R.S.Asymptotic solutions of the first and mixed boundary value problem theory of elasticity for orthotropics thin strips
31 Gevorgyan
Gnun Zaven
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Gevorgyan G.Z.On Bending Vibrations of Orthotropic Strips or Beams of Variable Thickness with Account of Transverse Effects under the Conditions of Elastic Joints
32 Gevorgyan
Hrant Ararat
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Gevorgyan H.A.About one modification of manipulators dynamical analysis with inversion of its mass matrix
33 Ghannadiasl
(Ardabil, Iran)
Ghannadiasl A.Response of Cracked Beam using Dynamic Green Function
34 Ghazaryan
Karen Bagrat
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Ghazaryan K.B.,
Papyan A.A.,
Ohanyan S.K.
Shear waves in a two-phase oppositely polarized viscoelastic piezoelectric waveguide
35 Ghazaryan
Haykaz Armen
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Ghazaryan A.A.Distribution of a localized electroelastic shear wave in the composite space with a semi-final crack
36 Ghukasyan
Artush Apres
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Ghukasyan A.A.,
Ordyan A.Ya.
About one model of service process by manipulator of technological sector
37Ghukasyan A.A.,
Matevosyan A.G.
The problem of the optimal by operation control of the movement of a point with variable mass
38 Ghulghazaryan
Lusine Gurgen
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Aghalovyan L.A.,
Ghulghazaryan L.G.
Forced Vibrations of Two-Layered Shell when there is Viscous Resistance
39 Ghulghazaryan
Gurgen Ruben
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Ghulghazaryan G.R.On Free Vibrations by a Thin Elastic Orthotropic Unscraped Cylindrical Shell with Free Edge
40 Goryacheva
Irina Georgievna
(Moscow, Russia)
Goryacheva I.G.The Models of Friction of Viscoelastic Bodies under Various Interface Conditions
41 Grigoriev
Yuri Mikhaylovich
(Yakutsk, Russia)
Grigoriev Yu.M.Regularized analytical solution of the Cauchy problem for the Lame equation
42 Grigoryan
Aram Jora
(Kapan, Armenia)
Grigoryan A.J.Contact problem for elastic composite orthotropic semi-plane with interphase crack
43 Grigoryan
Marine Samvel
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Grigoryan M.S.On a Contact Interaction of Two Indentical Stringers with Elastic Semi-Infinite Continuous or Vertical Cracked Plate
44 Grishin
Vyacheslav I.
(Moscow, Russia)
Grishin V.I.,
Kovalenko N.A.,
Guseva N.V.
The model of progressive damage application to the estimation of strength of composite compounds
45 Hakobyan
Vahram Nasletnik
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Hakobyan V.N.,
Hakobyan L.V.
The Stress State of a Piecewise Uniform Layered Space with Periodic System of Parallel Internal Defects
46 Harutiunyan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Harutyunyan L.A.,
Edoyan V.A.
The plane problem of the theory of elasticity for the exterior of a circular moonlike gap
47 Hayroyan
Sargis Hrach
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Hairoyan H.S.,
Hairoyan S.H.,
Karapetyan K.A.
Shear strength specifics of clayey soils under of dynamic impacts on soils with changing consistency in the wide range.
48 Jilavyan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Jilavyan S.H.,
Sargsyan A.S.
Diffraction of the surface shear wave on the semi-final crack in the composite piezoelectric space
49 Karapetyan
Koryun Ashot
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Karapetyan K.A.,
Hairoyan S.H.,
Manukyan E.S.
On possibilities of obtaining cement-land composites on the base of white-lands of a carbonate composition
50 Karev
Vladimir Iosifovich
(Moscow, Russia)
Klimov D.M.,
Karev V.I.,
Kovalenko Yu.F.,
Ustinov K.B.
Modeling of Mechanical and Filtration Processes Near the Well Accounting Anisotropy
51 Kazakov
Kirill E.
(Moscow, Russia)
Kazakov K.E.,
Kurdina S.P.
Contact interaction between a layered foundation and a system of annular punches with complex shape of bases
52 Keller
Ilya Ernstovich
(Perm, Russia)
Vindokurov I.V.,
Vindokurov D.V.,
Vladykin A.V.,
Keller I.E.,
Oschepkova Yu.D.,
Trofimov V.N.
The stress-strain state of shot peened calibration plate
53 Kerobyan
Aghasi Vachagan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Kerobyan A.V.,
Sahakyan K.P.
Loads transfer from finite number finite stringers to an infinite sheet through adhesive shear layers
54 Khachatryan
Meline Vardan
(Gyumri, Armenia)
Sargsyan S.H.,
Khachatryan M.V.
The classical model of the statics of elastic thin beams with a circular axis with account of transverse shifts and the finite element method
55 Khachatryan
Aleksandr Movses
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Khachatryan A.M.,
Balasanyan E.S.
On one mixed boundary problem of anisotropic two-layer plate with incomplete contact between the layers
56 Khachatryan
Vazgen Mekhak
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Khachatryan V.M.On the eigenfrequencies of elastic shear waves propagating in an inhomogeneous layer
57 Khayrnasov
Kamil Zaynutdinovich
(Moscow Region, Khotkovo, Russia)
Khayrnasov K.Z.Mathematical modelling of dynamic stability for shells under large elastic-plastic deformations
58Khayrnasov K.Z.Mathematical simulation of shell structures from homogeneous and composite materials under intensive short-term actions and large displacements
59 Khokhlov
Andrew Vladimirovich
(Moscow, Russia)
Khokhlov A.V.A Non-linear Constitutive Relation for Rheological Processes in Ageing Materials with Memory.
60Khokhlov A.V.General properties of stress-strain curves produced by the nonlinear Maxwell-type viscoelastoplastic model.
61 Khozin
Vadim Grigoryevich
(Kazan, Russia)
Khozin V.G.,
Gizdatullin A.R.
Joint work of polymer-composite reinforcement with cement concrete
62 Kolesnikov
Vladimir Ivanovich
(Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
Kolesnikov V.I.,
Ivanochkin P.G.,
Kolesnikov I.V.
Formation of Surface Nanostructures on Tribocontact for Creating Anti-Friction Layer with Predetermined Tribo-Physical Characteristics
63 Kotsur
(Moscow, Russia)
Kotsur O.S.Viscous flows modelling using Vortex Element Method
64 Kraus
Evgeny Ivanovich
(Novosibirsk, Russia)
Kraus E.I.,
Shabalin I.I.,
Shabalin T.I.
Numerical simulation the deformation and failure processes of complex technical object under impact loading
65 Kryvyi
(Odessa, Ukraine)
Kryvyi O.F.,
Morozov Yu.O.
An elliptical heat-permeable interfacial crack in a piecewise-homogeneous transversally isotropic space under the action of a thermo-mechanical load.
66Arkhypenko K.M.,
Kryvyi O. F.
Some boundary problems for anisotropic quarter-plane
67 Kukudzhanov
Konstantin V.
(Moscow, Russia)
Kukudzhanov K.V.,
Levitin A.L.
Healing of damaged metal by pulsed high-energy electromagnetic field
68 Kyrylova
(Odesa, Ukraine)
Kyrylova O.,
Popov V.
Harmonic oscillations of longitudinal shear of infinite hollow cylinder with arbitrary cross section and a tunnel crack
69 Leonteva
Anna Viktorovna
(Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)
Erofeev V.I.,
Leonteva A.V.,
Malkhanov A.O.,
Shekoyan A.V.
Propagation of plane longitudinal waves in materials with point defects
70 Manzhirov
Alexander V.
(Moscow, Russia)
Manzhirov A.V.Surface Growth Theory and its Applications
71 Masoud
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Rezaei M.Optimal Stabilization of Rotational Motion of a Rigid Body around its Center of Gravity
72 Melkumyan
Lusine Akopovna
(Moscow, Russia)
Logvinov O.A.,
Melkumyan L.A.
Polymer flooding as enhanced oil recovery method
73 Mikhin
Mikhail Nikolaevich
(Kashira, Russia)
Manzhirov A.V.,
Mikhin M.N.
Methods of solution of a 2D problems of surface growth theory
74 Mikilyan
Marine Alexander
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Baghdasaryan G.Y.,
Danoyan E.H.,
Mikilyan M.A.
Mathematical modeling of oscillations of a three-layer magnetostrictive plate
75Baghdasaryan G.Y.,
Mikilyan M.A.,
Vardanyan I.
Thermoelastic stability of closed cylindrical shell in supersonic gas flow
76 Mkhitaryan
Suren Manuk
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Mkhitaryan S.M.On a Class of Problems on Interaction of Various Type Stress Concentrators with an Elastic Semi-Infinite Plate
77Kanetsyan E.G.,
Mkrtchyan M.S.,
Mkhitaryan S.M.
The Contact Interaction of Thin-Walled Elements with an Elastic Layer and an Infinite Circular Cylinder under Torsion
78 Murashkin
Evgenii V.
(Moscow, Russia)
Murashkin E.,
Radayev Yu.
Full Thermomechanical Coupling in Modelling of Micropolar Thermoelasticity
79Murashkin E.,
Dats E.
Irreversible deformation of a multilayer thermoelastoplastic ball
80 Nazaikinskii
Vladimir Evgenyevich
(Moscow, Russia)
Nazaikinskii V.E.Near-Boundary Asymptotics in the Problem on the Run-Up of Long Waves on a Shallow Beach
81 Ogannisyan
(Erevan, Armenya)
Ogannisyan E.K.Effects of self-weight on the stress-strain state of a hollow cylinder
82 Paczelt
(Miskolc, Hungary)
Istvan Paczelt,
Attila Baksa
One possible numerical solution for some contact pressure optimization problems
83 Piliposyan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Piliposyan D.Polariton Resonances in Multilayered Piezoelectric Supperlattices
84 Popov
(Odesa, Ukraine)
Popov V.G.Problems of interaction longitudinal shear waves with V-shape tunnels defects.
85 Radayev
Yuri N.
(Moscow, Russia)
Radayev Y.N.,
Kovalev V.A.
Harmonic waves in a micropolar circular cylinder
86 Romanov
Alexander Alexandrovich
(Moscow, Russia)
Romanov A.A Spring System Method for a Mesh Generation Problem
87 Sahakyan
Areg Avetik
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Gevorgyan G.Z.,
Sahakyan A.A.
On the dynamic instability of a rectangular plate with one free edge
88 Sanoyan
Yuri Gevorkovich
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Belubekyan M.V.,
Sanoyan YU.G.
Vibration localized in the vicinity of the hinged connection of the composite plate
89 Sargsyan
Armenuhi Hakob
(Gyumri, Armenia)
Sargsyan A.H.,
Sargsyan S.H.
Stability of Compressed Rectangular Plate by the Micropolar Theory of Elasticity
90 Sargsyan
Azat Mkrtych
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Sargsyan A.M.The plane problem of the elasticity theory for a circular sector, one side of which is covered with a hard stamp without friction, other side strengthened by stringer
91 Sargsyan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Sargsyan M.,
Poghosyan H.
Mixed boundry problem for orthotropic strip-rectangle with variable coefficients of elasticity
92 Sarkisyan
Samvel Vladimir
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Papyan A.A.,
Sarkisyan S.V.
On localized planar vibrations in the vicinity of the free edge of a piezoceramic transversely polarized plate
93 Savelyeva
(Moscow, Russia)
Savelyeva I.Y.,
Zhuravskiy A.V.
The temperature field in the expandable plate, taking into account the nonlocal properties of the material
94 Shavlakadze
Nugzar Naum
(Tbilisi, Georgia)
Shavlakadze N.N.The boundary value contact problem of electroelasticity for piecewise-homogeneous piezo-electric plate with elastic inclusion and cut.
95 Shekoyan
Ashot Vazgen
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Shekoyan A.Thermoelastic waves in a non-equilibrium medium with point defects
96 Shekyan
Hamlet Gurgen
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Shekyan H.G.,
Gevorgyan A.V.
Vibration of high-speed electrical machines with rotors on rolling bearings
97 Shitikova
Marina Vjacheslavovna
(Voronezh, Russia)
Rossikhin Yu.A.,
Shitikova M.V.
The Fractional Derivative Model of Viscoelasticity Considering Bulk Relaxation
98 Silberschmidt
(Loughborough, UK)
Silberschmidt V.Mechanics of Biomaterials
99 Sinitsyn
Alexander Vladimirovitch
(Moscov, Russia)
Banichuk N.V.,
Ivanova S.Yu.,
Makeev E.V.,
Sinitsyn A.V.
Control of vibrations of moving beam
100 Skubachevskii
Aleksander Leonidovich
(Moscow, Russia)
Onanov G.G.,
Skubachevskii A.L.
Elliptic Differential Difference Equations in the Theory of Sandwich Shells
101 Sosnin
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
(Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia)
Zhilin S.G.,
Komarov O.N.,
Sosnin A.A.
Adjustment of the elastic response of the material of expansioned compacts by cold emissions through the mouthpiece of polymer disperse composition
102 Spector
(Baltimore, USA)
Spector A.A.,
Yuan D.,
Somers S.,
Grayson W.L.
Biomechanics of Stem Cells
103 Stadnik
Nikita E.
(Moscow, Russia)
Stadnik N.,
Romanov A.
Mathematical model of the growth of blood vessels
104 Stepanov
Fedor Igorevich
(Moscow, Russia)
Stepanov F.I.Contact problem for a solid indenter and a viscoelastic half-space described by spectrum of relaxation and retardation times
105 Tagvoryan
Varuzhan V.
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Tagvoryan V.V.On Some Problems of Elasticity Applications in Seismology
106 Teraud
Walentin Vicktorovich
(Moscow, Russia)
Teraud W.V.Research of the time of deformations localization, necking formations, at stretching of samples in the conditions of creep
107 Valesyan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Valesyan S.Investigation of the influence of ageing on the mecanical properties of polymer composites during unidirectional tensile loading
108 Vardanyan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Vardanyan S.V.Vibration of magnetoelastic cylindrical shells for various boundary conditions
109 Vardanyan
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Vardanyan I.,
Saghoyan R.
Study of the amplitude-frequency dependence of nonlinear thermoelastic vibrations of an elongated plate at critical velocities of a flowing stream of supersonic gas
110 Vasilyan
Narine Gurgen
(Yerevan, Armenia)
Vasilyan N.G.The investigation of stress concentration in corner points for orthotropic plate bending problem
111 Vatulyan
Alexander Ovanesovich
(Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
Vatulyan A.O.,
Nedin R.D.,
Dudarev V.V.
Modeling and Identification of Parameters of Residual Stress State in Electroelastic Bodies
112 Zaitsev
Alexey Vyacheslavovich
(Perm, Russia)
Zaitsev A.V.,
Sokolkin Yu.V.,
Fukalov A.A.
Exact analytical solutions to problems on equilibrium state of elastic anisotropic heavy central- and axial-symmetric bodies and their applications to geomechanical problems
113Zaitsev A.V.,
Karev V.I.,
Kovalenko Yu.F.,
Sidorin Yu.V.,
Sokolkin Yu.V.,
Ustinov K.B.
Inelastic deformation, strain-softening, localized failure and dilatation in sandstone media under triaxial quasistatic loading
114 Zarubin
Vladimir Stepanovich
(Moscow, Russia)
Zarubin V.S.,
Sergeeva E.S.
Influence of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Chirality on its Thermal Conductivity Coefficient
115 Zhamakochyan
Knarik Ararat
(Gyumri, Armenia)
Zhamakochyan K.A.Application of the power series method for construction of an applied model of micropolar elastic thin plates with constrained rotation
116 Zubko
Ivan Yurievich
(Perm, Russia)
Zubko I.Yu.Estimation of Second-Order Elastic Moduli for Cubic Single Crystals