Poster Session

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October 5, 2017 (Thursday) 12:00–13:00
Poster Session

  1. Aghabekyan P., Aroyan E.
    Contact problem for elastic semi-infinite plane with finite and semi-infinite stringers
  2. Aghayan K.L., Zaqaryan V.G., Musaelyan A.A.
    Longitudinal shear of the composite elastic space with stress concentrators as a rigid inclusion and a crack
  3. Amirbekyan A., Mkrtchyan M., Shekyan L.
    On a class of contact problems for the bending of beams on an elastic base
  4. Baghdasaryan G.Y., Mikilyan M.A.,Vardanyan I.
    Thermoelastic stability of closed cylindrical shell in supersonic gas flow
  5. Belubekyan E.V., Danielyan S.V., Avetisyan H.R.
    Optimization of a rectangular plate piecewise the influense of transverse shear
  6. Belubekyan M.V., Martirosyan S.P.
    The divergence of a compressible panel under a supersonic gas stream excavation on its free border
  7. Berberyan A.Kh., Garakov V.G.
    Reflection of electromagnetic wave from the border of the piezoelectric half-space cubic symmetry
  8. Davtyan Z.A., Mirzoyan S., Gasparyan A.
    Lame problem for a multilayered viscous and elastic hollow ball with consideration of inhomogeneous aging
  9. Erofeev V.I., Leonteva A.V., Malkhanov A.O., Shekoyan A.V.
    Propagation of plane longitudinal waves in materials with point defects
  10. Galichyan T.A., Filippov D.A., Laletin V.M., Firsova T.O., Poddubnaya N.N.
    Magneto-electric transition in nickel-gallium arsenide-nickel multiferroic structure
  11. Gevorgyan G.Z., Sahakyan A.A.
    On the dynamic instability of a rectangular plate with one free edge
  12. Gevorgyan H.A.
    About one modification of manipulators dynamical analysis with inversion of its mass matrix
  13. Ghannadiasl A.
    Response of cracked beam using dynamic green function
  14. Ghazaryan K.B., Mozharovsky V.V., Ohanyan S.K.
    Shear waves in a two-phase oppositely polarized viscoelastic piezoelectric waveguide
  15. Ghukasyan A.A., Matevosyan A.G.
    The problem of the optimal by operation control of the movement of a point with variable mass
  16. Grigoryan A.J.
    Contact problem for elastic composite orthotropic semi-plane with interphase crack
  17. Harutyunyan L.A., Edoyan V.A.
    The plane problem of the theory of elasticity for the exterior of a circular moonlike gap
  18. Kanetsyan E.G., Mkrtchyan M.S., Mkhitaryan S.M.
    The contact interaction of thin-walled elements with an elastic layer and an infinite circular cylinder under torsion
  19. Khayrnasov K.Z.
    Mathematical simulation of shell structures from homogeneous and composite materials under intensive short-term actions and large displacements
  20. Kryvyi O.F., Morozov Yu.O.
    An elliptical heat-permeable interfacial crack in a piecewise-homogeneous transversally isotropic space under the action of a thermo-mechanical load
  21. Kerobyan A.V., Sahakyan K.P.
    Loads transfer from finite number finite stringers to an infinite sheet through adhesive shear layers
  22. Logvinov O.A., Melkumyan L.A.
    Polymer flooding as enhanced oil recovery method
  23. Murashkin E., Radayev Yu.
    Full Thermomechanical coupling in modelling of micropolar thermoelasticity
  24. Ogannisyan E.K.
    Effects of self-weight on the stress-strain state of a hollow cylinder
  25. Ohanyan S.K., Khurshudyan As.Zh.
    Vibrations of geometrically nonlinear beam, subjected to two oppositely moving loads
  26. Papyan A.A., Sarkisyan S.V.
    On localized planar vibrations in the vicinity of the free edge of a piezoceramic transversely polarized plate
  27. Radayev Y.N., Kovalev V.A.
    Harmonic waves in a micropolar circular cylinder
  28. Rezaei M.
    Optimal stabilization of rotational motion of a rigid body around its center of gravity
  29. Sargsyan M.Z., Poghosyan H.M.
    Mixed boundry problem for orthotropic strip-rectangle with variable coefficients of elasticity
  30. Tagvoryan V.V.
    On some problems of elasticity applications in seismology
  31. Zhilin S.G., Komarov O.N., Sosnin A.A.
    Adjustment of the elastic response of the material of expansioned compacts by cold emissions through the mouthpiece of polymer disperse composition