Oral Sessions

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October 3, 2017 (Tuesday) 15:00–17:45
Oral Sessions


Room 1

Chairs: Kuvyrkin G.N., Mkhitaryan S.M., Shavlakadze N.N.

Room 2

Chairs: Barkanov E., Keller I.E., Khozin V.

Room 3

Chairs: Igumnov L.A., Popov V.G., Sarkisyan S.H.
15:00–15:15 Páczelt I., Baksa A.

One possible numerical solution for some contact pressure optimization problems

Khozin V.G., Gizdatullin A.R.

Joint work of polymer-composite reinforcement with cement concrete

Ghukasyan A.A., Ordyan A.Ya.

About one model of service process by manipulator of technological sector

15:15–15:30 Galanin M.P., Lukin V.V., Rodin A.S.

Use of various options of Schwarz method for the solution of a problem of contact interaction of elastic bodies

Karapetyan K.A., Hairoyan S.H., Manukyan E.S.

On possibilities of obtaining cement-land composites on the base of white-lands of a carbonate composition

Barseghyan V.R., Barseghyan T.V.

The control problem for a linear system of loaded differential equations

15:30–15:45 Grigoriev Yu.M.

Regularized analytical solution of the Cauchy problem for the Lame equation

Vindokurov I.V., Vindokurov D.V., Vladykin A.V., Keller I.E., Oschepkova Yu.D., Trofimov V.N.

The stress-strain state of shot peened calibration plate

Banichuk N.V., Ivanova S.Yu., Makeev E.V., Sinitsyn A.V.

Control of vibrations of a moving beam

15:45–16:00 Shavlakadze N.

The boundary value contact problem of electroelasticity for piecewise-homogeneous piezo-electric plate with elastic inclusion and cut

Valesyan S.

Investigation of the influence of ageing on the mecanical properties of polymer composites during unidirectional tensile loading

Khurshudyan As.Zh.

Controllability of semi-infinite rod heating by a point source

16:00–16:15 Arkhypenko K.M., Kryvyi O.F.

Some boundary problems for anisotropic quarter-plane

Evstifeev A.D.

Investigation of strength characteristics of aluminum alloy under dynamic tension

Sargsyan A.H., Sargsyan S.H.

Stability of compressed rectangular plate by the micropolar theory of elasticity

16:15–16:30 Kuvyrkin G.N., Savelyeva I.Y., Kuvshynnikova D.A.

Mathematical model of the heat transfer process taking into account the consequences of nonlocality in structurally sensitive materials

Shekyan H.G., Gevorgyan A.V.

Vibration of high-speed electrical machines with rotors on rolling bearings

Filippov A.A., Fomin V.M.

Determination of the mechanical characteristics of nanomaterials under tension and compression

16:30–17:00Coffee Break
17:00–17:15 Kazakov K.E., Kurdina S.P.

Contact interaction between a layered foundation and a system of annular punches with complex shape of bases

Popov A.L., Bychkov P.S., Kozintsev V.M., Chentsov A.V.

Determination of residual stresses in objects at their additive manufacturing by layer-by-layer photopolymerization method

Zarubin V.S., Sergeeva E.S.

Influence of single-walled carbon nanotubes chirality on its thermal conductivity coefficient

17:15–17:30 Parshin D.A.

The mechanical problems on additive manufacturing of viscoelastic solids with integral conditions on a surface increasing in the growth process

Chentsov A.V., Lisovenko D.S.

Two-dimensional auxetic design for biodegradable stent

Vatulyan A.O., Nedin R.D., Dudarev V.V.

Modeling and identification of parameters of residual stress state in electroelastic bodies

17:30–17:45 Manzhirov A.V., Mikhin M.N.

Methods of solution of a 2D problems of surface growth theory

Zubko I.Yu.

Estimation of second-order elastic moduli for cubic single crystals

Vilchevskaya E.N., Muller W.

Some remarks on recent developments in micropolar continuum theory

October 4, 2017 (Wednesday) 15:00–17:45
Oral Sessions


Room 1

Chairs: Ghazaryan K.B., Rabinskiy L.N., Spector A.A.

Room 2

Chairs: Dobrokhotov S.Yu., Kraus E.I., Nazaikinskii V.E.

Room 3

Chairs: Grigoriev Yu.M., Kryvyi O.F., Sargsyan S.V.
15:00–15:15 Popov V.G.

Problems of interaction longitudinal shear waves with V-shape tunnels defects

Belubekyan M.V., Sanoyan Yu.G.

Vibration localized in the vicinity of the hinged connection of the composite plate

Murashkin E., Dats E.

Irreversible deformation of a multilayer thermoelastoplastic ball

15:15–15:30 Baghdasaryan G.Y., Danoyan E.H., Mikilyan M.A.

Mathematical modeling of oscillations of a three-layer magnetostrictive plate

Zaitsev A.V., Karev V.I., Kovalenko Yu.F., Sidorin Yu.V., Sokolkin Yu.V., Ustinov K.B.

Inelastic deformation, strain-softening, localized failure and dilatation in sandstone mediaunder triaxial quasistatic loading

Lokoshchenko A.M., Fomin L.V.

Delayed fracture of plates under creep condition in unsteady complex stress state in the presence of ambient medium

15:30–15:45 Grigoryan E.Kh., Aghayan K.L., Baghdasaryan R.A.

Propagation of elastic waves in a half-space with an amplifying thin semi-infinite elastic layer

Grigoryan M.S.

On a contact interaction of two indentical stringers with elastic semi-infinite continuous or vertical cracked plate

Rossikhin Yu.A., Shitikova M.V.

The fractional derivative model of viscoelasticity considering bulk relaxation

15:45–16:00 Jilavyan S.H., Sargsyan A.S.

Diffraction of the surface shear wave on the semi-final crack in the composite piezoelectric space

Kyrylova O., Popov V.

Harmonic oscillations of longitudinal shear of infinite hollow cylinder with arbitrary cross section and a tunnel crack

Stepanov F.I.

Contact problem for a solid indenter and a viscoelastic half-space described by spectrum of relaxation and retardation times

16:00–16:15 Ghazaryan K.B., Papyan A.A., Ohanyan S.K.

Reflection, refraction and transmission of SH waves at the micropolar layer separating the two elastic media

Goncharov D.A., Pozhalostin A.A.

Symmetric vibrations of a liquid in a vessel with a separator and an elastic bottom

Teraud W.V.

Research of the time of deformations localization (necking formations) at stretching of samples in the conditions of creep

16:15–16:30 Atoyan L., Terzyan S.

Reflection of shear elastic wave at the interface of a ferromagnetic half-space

Khayrnasov K.Z.

Mathematical modelling of dynamic stability for shells under large elastic-plastic deformations

Lyamina E.A., Kalenova N.V., Date P.P.

A stationary bulk planar ideal flow solution for the double shearing model

16:30–17:00Coffee Break
17:00–17:15 Shekoyan A.

Thermoelastic waves in a non-equilibrium medium with point defects

Vardanyan S.

Vibration of magnetoelastic cylindrical shells for various boundary conditions

Zaitsev A.V., Sokolkin Yu.V., Fukalov A.A.

Exact analytical solutions to problems on equilibrium state of elastic anisotropic heavy central- and axial-symmetric bodies and their applications to geomechanical problems

17:15–17:30 Khachatryan V.M.

On the eigenfrequencies of elastic shear waves propagating in an inhomogeneous layer

Ghazaryan H.A.

Distribution of a localized electroelastic shear wave in the composite space with a semi-final crack

Arutyunyan A.R., Arutyunyan R.A.

The condition of transition to the unstable state of metallic specimen in tension

17:30–17:45 Piliposyan D.

Polariton resonances in multilayered piezoelectric supperlattices

Vardanyan I., Saghoyan R.

Study of the amplitude-frequency dependence of nonlinear thermoelastic vibrations of an elongated plate at critical velocities of a flowing stream of supersonic gas

Stadnik N., Romanov A.

Mathematical model of the growth of blood vessels

October 6, 2017 (Friday) 10:00–13:00
Oral Sessions


Room 1

Chairs: Páczelt I., Sahakyan A.V., Skubachevskii A.L.

Room 2

Chairs: Galanin M.P., Silberschmidt V.V., Sumbatyan M.A.

Room 3

Chairs: Khachatryan A.M., Radchenko A.
10:00–10:15 Igumnov L.A., Litvinchuk S.Yu., Ipatov A.A., Petrov A.N.

Boundary-element modelling of dynamics in external poroviscoelastic problems

Kukudzhanov K.V., Levitin A.L.

Healing of damaged metal by pulsed high-energy electromagnetic field

Gevorgyan R.S.

Asymptotic solutions of the first and mixed boundary value problem theory of elasticity for orthotropics thin strips

10:15–10:30 Kraus E.I., Shabalin I.I., Shabalin T.I.

Numerical simulation the deformation and failure processes of complex technical object under impact loading

Martirosyan A.N., Davtyan A.V., Dinunts A.S., Martirosyan H.A.

The solution of one spatial problem on a geophysical crack healing in the thermoelastic medium in the fluid stream presence

Radchenko A.V., Radchenko P.A., Batuev S.P.

The research of metallic and nonmetallic structures under dynamic loadings

10:30–10:45 Sargsyan A.M.

The plane problem of the elasticity theory for a circular sector, one side of which is covered with a hard stamp without friction, other side strengthened by stringer

Borodin E.N., Gruzdkov A.A., Mayer A.E., Selyutina N.S.

Physical nature of strain rate sensitivity of metals and alloys at high strain rates

Khachatryan A.M., Balasanyan E.S.

On one mixed boundary problem of anisotropic two-layer plate with incomplete contact between the layers

10:45–11:00 Barkanov E., Akishin P., Miazza N.L., Galvez S., Pantelelis N.

Experimental validation of thermo-chemical algorithm for a simulation of pultrusion processes

Buzyurkin A.E., Kraus E.I., Lukyanov Ya.L.

The fabrication of aluminum oxide compacts by explosive consolidation

Radchenko P.A., Batuev S.P., Radchenko A.V.

Simulation of materials damage under impact using the modified algorithm for calculation of contact boundaries

11:00–11:15 Avakian A., Ricoeur A.

Modeling of multiferroic composites by means of phenomenologically or physically motivated constitutive models

Magomedova D.K., Murashkin M.Yu.

Influence of grain size and second phase particles on the process of the void initiation

Baregamyan G.A., Kirillova I.V., Kossovich L.Yu.

Equations of an elliptic boundary layer in shells of revolution under shock normal edge loading

11:15–11:30 Igumnov L.A., Markov I.P., Litvinchuk S.Yu.

Boundary element modelling of dynamic behaviour of piecewise homogeneous anisotropic elastic solids

Galichyan T.A., Filippov D.A., Tihonov A.A., Laletin V.M., Firsova T.O., Manicheva I.N.

Magnetoelectric effect in a sandwich structure of gallium arsenide-nickel-tin-nickel

Ghulghazaryan G.R.

On free vibrations by a thin elastic orthotropic unscraped cylindrical shell with free edge

11:30–12:00Coffee Break
12:00–12:15 Kotsur O.S.

Viscous flows modelling using vortex element method

Bragov A.M., Igumnov L.A., Konstantinov A.Yu., Lomunov A.K.

Investigation of the mechanical properties of organoplastic under conditions of shock wave loading

Vasilyan N.G.

The investigation of stress concentration in corner points for orthotropic plate bending problem

12:15–12:30 Sargsyan S.H., Khachatryan M.V.

The classical model of the statics of elastic thin beams with a circular axis with account of transverse shifts and the finite element method

Hairoyan H.S., Hairoyan S.H., Karapetyan K.A.

Shear strength specifics of clayey soils under of dynamic impacts on soils with changing consistency in the wide range

Zhamakochyan K.A.

Application of the power series method for construction of an applied model of micropolar elastic thin plates with constrained rotation

12:30–12:45 Romanov A.

A spring system method for a mesh generation problem

Grishin V.I., Kovalenko N.A., Guseva N.V.

The model of progressive damage application to the estimation of strength of composite compounds

Karev V.I., Klimov D.M., Kovalenko Yu.F., Ustinov K.B.

Modeling of mechanical and filtration processes near the well accounting anisotropy

12:45–13:00 Savelyeva I.Y., Zhuravskiy A.V.

The temperature field in the expandable plate, taking into account the nonlocal properties of the material

Gevorgyan G.Z.

On bending vibrations of orthotropic strips or beams of variable thickness with account of transverse effects under the conditions of elastic joints

Rabinskiy L.N., Zhavoronok S.I.

Modeling of thin-walled structures interacting with acoustic media as constrained two-dimensional continua