Waves Processes
The regularities of magnetoelastic and electroelastic waves propagation in conductor, superconductor, piezoelectric, ferromagnetic, as well as magnetostrictic elastic medium were investigated. The problems that determine the velocity of volumetric and surface waves propagation as well as wave fields, their structure and existence conditions were considered. New wave types stipulated by interaction of elastic and electromagnetic fields were revealed. The features of non-linear waves propagation in the physical fields of different character have been also investigated. G.Baghdasaryan, A.Bagdoev , M.Belubekyan, A.Avetisyan, L.Movsisyan, K.Kazaryan, Z.Danoyan and others). The methods of investigation of pressure penetration in solid media particularly in liquids were elaborated. Investigated the phenomenon near wave fronts including the impact waves and caustics. The regularities of waves propagation in chemically active liquids containing the air bubbles were revealed. Several questions regarding waves propagation and stability of wave-guide with free boundary in magnetohydrodynamics statement were considered. The problems of optimal distribution of material in laminar plates in the conditions of weak and strong impact waves interaction as well as magnetohydrodynamics waves were solved. (A. Bagdoev and others)

Since 1988 the investigations concerning the problems of seismic waves propagation, seismo-stability of structures and mechanical models of seismic center have been started. (B.Abramyan, L.Aghalovyan, V.Tonoyan, A.Khachikyan and others). A.Nazarov is considered to be a founder of this direction in Armenia.