Theoretical mechanics
The control movement of manipulating robots was optimizated. For the different kinematic diagrams of parameters the best control providing speed of operation and smallest input of energy were formulated. For the dynamic characteristics of robotics system, the conditions in which examined problems are solvable for any initial and final positions, which satisfy to the given restrictions, are obtained.

Final expressions of control and control time are obtained. The optimal regimes of bi-circle manipulator control in the form of step function containing minimal number of gap points were formulated. (A.Ghukassyan, V.Avetisyan and others)

On the base of asymptotic method developed by K.Abgaryan some classes of problems of stationary and non-stationary control of automatic-control systems were considered. The automatic-control system of multi-element bar structures was created. Design optimization problems of bar systems made of composite materials under restriction on stiffness, strength and vibration were considered. (K.Abgaryan and others)