Mels V.Belubekyan
Doctor of Mechanics, Professor

Mels V.Belubekyan

Main scientific researcher
(+374 10) 52-15-03
Date of Birth:
08 May, 1935

Education And Scientific Activity

Researcher, Institute of Mechanics
Principal Researcher, Institute of Mechanics
1972-to Present
Head of the Recurrent Seminar "Wave Processes" at Institute of Mechanics
Vice-Director of the Institute of Mechanics
Principal Researcher, Institute of Mechanics

1996-to present
Professor, Yerevan State University

2006-to present
Main researcher, Institute of Mechanics

Russian National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Appointed (1990) by the Presidium of the Armenian Academy of Sciences as member of National Commission Allocating State Grants
Armenian Society of Mechanics
Scientific Board of Yerevan State University and Institute of Mechanics of National Academy of Science of Armenia
Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal Mechanics, NAS Armenia

Scientific Interests

Aeroelasticity; Unsteady aerodynamics; Unsteady aerodynamics of ionized reacting flows; Aeroelastic stability of panels and lifting surfaces in supersonic gas flows; Aeroelastic optimization; Theory and behavior of composite anisotropic structures; Post-buckling sensitivity of thin-walled structures; Smart material structures and their use in the vibration and aeroelastic instability control; Magnetoelasticity; Vibrations and stability in magnetic fields; Non-linear elastic and magnetoelastic vibrations of thin-walled structures; Elastic and magnetoelastic waves; Stability of elastic and magnetoelastic systems; Wave propagation in piezoelectric media.